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The Space:
an everlasting, Draw-to-Earn public space

The Space is a pixel map where players can tokenize, own, trade and color pixels. Pixels are tokenized as ERC721 tokens and traded under Harberger Tax, while owners of pixels receive Universal Basic Income(UBI). In the Future, The administration of The Space will be transfered to SpaceDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization formed by all $SPACE token holders.

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    Buy, Sell, Pay Tax and Collect Dividend

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    Create with others

    Create with others

    The Space is a digital public graffiti wall where everyone can show their ideas, pixel by pixel, and collaboratively.

    Radical Market

    Radical Market

    The Space is governed by Harberger Tax and Universal Basic Income (UBI) to decide the flow of pixels and the distribution of capitals, so that the public resource can be efficiently utilized.


    Decentralized Autonomous Organization

    The Space is backed by blockchain and owned by the SpaceDAO, meaning that The Space will never be shut down by any authorities, and all works created will be accessible forever.

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    [ Roadmap ]

    Apr 2022Lauch on testnet
    May 2022Token Airdrop
    May 2022Launch on Polygon
    Late 2022Initiate SpaceDAO

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