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The Space:
World's First NFT Pixel Art Game Governed by Radical Markets

Inspired by r/place, The Space is the world's NFT pixel art graffiti wall where players can own, color, and trade pixels under Harberger Tax and Universal Basic Income (UBI). Pixels are minted as ERC-721 tokens, and are fractional NFTs under common ownership.

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    Buy, Sell, Pay Tax and Collect Dividend

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    How it works

    Create with others

    Create together on a pixel canvas like Reddit r/place

    We love r/place and want to build a Web3 version of it. Creators can collaborate on their ideas, pixel by pixel, in a truly decentralized and inclusive public space.

    Radical Market

    Every pixel NFT is always on sale under Harberger Tax

    The Space is governed by Harberger Tax and Universal Basic Income (UBI) to decide the flow of pixels and the distribution of capitals, so that the public resource can be efficiently utilized.


    Enjoy Universal Basic Income (UBI)

    The majority of the tax collected is returned to the participants of The Space. The intention of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is to distribute income evenly so more creators can continue participating in the game.


    A truly decentralized, self-governing community

    SpaceDAO, formed by all stakeholders of The Space, is the owner of The Space. SpaceDAO governs decides the tax rate, the proportion of UBI, the scale of the pixel canvas, the community fund, and so on.

    About $SPACE

    $SPACE is an ERC-20 token issued by The Space, serving as the medium of exchange.

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    [ Roadmap ]

    Apr 2022Lauch on testnet
    May 2022Token Airdrop
    May 2022Launch on Polygon
    Late 2022Initiate SpaceDAO

    Developer Community

    Our developer community is based on open-sourced principles with rewards for their contribution and creativity. A Creator Fund will reward developers who develop various third-party tools for The Space.

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    Why create The Space?

    At Matters Lab, we are passionate about creating a truly decentralized and self-sustaining community in a public space for content creators. With The Space, we wanted to see if creators can come together to govern an online public space under a sustainable economic model.

    By introducing a property market to stimulate profit-driven behaviors, Harberger Tax to ensure efficient pixel trading, UBI to redistribute capital, and SpaceDAO to encourage democracy, we hope The Space will stay sustainable as a self-governed community and endure the erosion of time.

    What is Partial Common Ownership?

    Partial Common Ownership (PCO) is a type of ownership that is fairer and more efficient than private ownership in capitalism and common ownership in communism. PCO requires assets to be in a state of continuous auction (every owned item is always on sale).

    What is the Harberger Tax?

    Harberger Tax is an economic policy that optimizes the distribution of public resources with the power of the market to increase society's welfare. It can be summarized in two rules:

    • People can set any price for their own assets and pay a property tax proportional to the set price.
    • Anyone can buy an asset from the owner at any time as long as the bid price is higher than the set price.
    How can a pixel always be on sale?

    Under Harberger Tax, every pixel owner in The Space must set a price for their plot and pay a tax corresponding to this price. If the owner doesn't want to sell the pixel, they must pay a higher tax to keep it. This deters any pixel owner from monopolizing a plot and keeps the market liquid at all times.

    What is Universal Basic Income?

    Universal basic income (UBI) is an income redistribution method where everyone receives a fixed income regardless of their financial situation. In The Space, the majority of the tax collected is returned to the participants of the game. The intention of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is to distribute income evenly so more creators can continue participating in the game.

    What is the SpaceDAO?

    SpaceDAO is the home of all creators. While The Space is governed by Harberger Tax, the SpaceDAO determines the rules of the tax and other economic parameters, such as the UBI ratio, canvas size, and the use of the Community Fund. Members of SpaceDAO can propose any changes to these parameters, initiate bounty programs, and recruit third-party developers.

    How will $SPACE be distributed?

    A total of 1 billion $SPACE tokens will be distributed via:

    • Initial Airdrop (2%): to those who actively participated in test launches of The Space and contributed to the Matters Lab community
    • Future Airdrops (3%): to potential users of The Space
    • Early Stakeholders (8.74%): to stakeholders who contribute to The Space's growth and development in the first year
    • Community Fund (66.26%): to the SpaceDAO
    • Liquidity Pool (5%): available to the public for purchase on Uniswap
    • Matters Lab Team (15%)

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